A single family home in suburban Chicago.
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Buying Process

Buying a home should be a confident deal. A big step for the moment, and for your family's future. Start your search by reviewing the basics in my process summary.

1. Consultation
2. Listing Search & Tours
3. Offers & Negotiations
4. Inspection & Closing

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Step One


We'll first meet to discuss your budget and property goals. With ranked neighborhood preferences and desired specs I can develop a plan of action for my search. I usually hold meetings at coffee shops, but we can video chat if needed.

Step Two

Listing Search & Tours

I'll work with your schedule to book tours and accompany you on each property visit. I'm a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors®, so I have access to market-wide listings as soon as they're public. My industry relationships also extend to investors and brokerage firms that keep me aware of exciting off-market listings.

With my help, you’ll have the insight necessary to make quick, well-informed decisions.

Michelle Paz signing a real estate contract.
Step Three

Offers & Negotiations

My negotiation skills are backed by hundreds of property assessments and successful transactions. If you're excited about a home, I'll work with you through the details to make sure you can support your enthusiasm with peace of mind. We’ll submit an offer, reach basic terms with the seller, and enter a preliminary contract that will allow us to inspect the property and fine-tune the terms of the deal.

Step Four

Inspection & Closing

Once we are under contract for a specific property, your attorney will look into the title, and I’ll assist with the home inspector. From the inspection report, we may negotiate more. After the deal terms are set, we’ll wait on the loan to process and complete a final walkthrough before you sign the final closing statement. Then we'll celebrate!